While reams upon reams have been written about art, stretching from primeval Egyptian tomb paintings to ancient Greek sculpture to Renaissance paintings, not much has been said about contemporary art as such. This is because contemporary art lives in the modern era and is based on subjects that are often unique, novel as well as controversial. These are so much debated and written about that basically there is no need to discuss exclusively about contemporary art which is in any case a symbol of life prevailing in the world at that point of time.

Given this scenario, we at e-activity.com have started this blog spot with a view to bringing in the value and ideologies behind contemporary art for the benefit of our readers. There is a lot to be said and written on this issue and enthusiasts in this field can submit their blogs on our site, detailing news, views and any relevant information.

However, we at e-activity.com would like to make a few suggestions to set potential bloggers on our site to a smooth start.

You can begin with the history of contemporary art. Just as a tip, the roots of this art form go back to 1910 when the Contemporary Art Society was founded by Robert Fry. The aim of the society was to buy art for placements in public museums. However, as contemporary art is based on “Modernism” the once contemporary art of 1910 and later are no more deemed to be so.

You can trace this art form through to modern times. The Minimalistic form of art of the 1960s which represented a liberated mindset of the flower people and the contemporary art form of the 1970s feminist movement so aptly represented by Judy Chicago can be gone into in detail by those wishing to contribute to our blog site.

Another point that you can inform our readers about is the many institutions around the world, devoted exclusively to this art form. Two examples are the Museum of Contemporary Art in Miami Florida and the Ferus Gallery in Los Angeles. Not much is known about these institutions and writers can fill in this knowledge gap starting with such establishments in their countries.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Contemporary art is not merely art, it is deemed to be a way of life, a reflection of the socio-politico-economic conditions existing at that point of time.

All these factors can be dwelled on by bloggers wishing to contribute on our blog site.